Liquor Shops: Marukawaya Saketen

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I discovered Mr. Kawaharazaki’s shop on the Internet when I was starting investigating the Shizuoka Sake World. His homepage is a great source of information and provided me with an unvaluable headstart!
His shop was founded by his father in 1964 and sells Japanese sake, mostly from Shizuoka, shochu, liqueurs, beer and wines. Actually Mr. Kawaharazaki is a great wine love and does a lot of tasting. But most of all, he is encouraging everyone to taste Shizuoka Sake! If all the saketen could do that…
AS for Shizuoka brewed shochu he sells: Imo (tuber/yam) and kome (rice) shochu ny Sugii Brewery/Distillery and En by Hakuin Masamune Brewery/Distillery. Not much, I concede, but very high quality!
Mr. Kawaharazaki will keep you informed by mail of all new sake coming to his shop if you leave and airmail address or a fax number. He can read English, so no problem there!

420-0068 Shizuoka Shi, Aoi Ku, Tamachi, 2-104
Tel.: 054-2527817
Fax: 054-2551974
24-hour telephone service: 054-2218929


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