Updated List of Shizuoka Shochu Distillers

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Recently I was told by a friend/izakaya owner: “there are no shochu in Shizuoka Prefecture!”
Well, I found no less than 34! Actually 31 as one is sold, not brewed, by a sake Brewery. But I don’t include the many “private brands! brewed for individulas or places such as restaurants and hotels!

Below are the existing Distilleries:

Fuji Gun
Fujinishiki Brewery: Kasutori Shochu (kome/rice), Kaguyahime No Sasayaka (mugi/wheat-grain), Hyakushyouitsuki (kuromai/black rice), Fuji no Shizuku, Fuji no Shizuku Kimpaku Iri (Gold flakes) , Fujinishiki Katsutori Shochu (kome/rice), Imonii (Imo/tuber), Fujisan Susono 3776 (kome+cha/rice+tea), Chakkirishi (kome+ocha/rice+green tea), Sachiura (imo/tuber. Sold in Fukuroi City), Sumpujo Shitamachi (kome/rice, private brand), Sumpojo Shitamachi (mugi/grain, private brand)
fujinishiki-kaguyahimeno-sasayaki-mugi.jpg fujinishiki-fujinoshizuku.jpg fujinishiki-kasutorishochu.jpg fujinishiki-imonii.jpg yakushyouikki.jpg fujiyama-gold.jpg sannanaroku.jpg chakkiri.jpg

Fujieda City
Sugii Brewery: Saisuke (imo/tuber & kome/rice)
saisukehimo.gif saisukekome.gif

Kikugawa City
Morimoto Distillery (have to check if they still hold their license)

Fukuroi City
Kokkou Distillery (have to check if they still hold their license)

Fujinomiya City
Makino Brewery: Fuji Yama Shochu (Mugi/wheat-grain)
shochu-present01.jpg makino-fujisan-mugi.jpg

Fujimasa Brewery
Chiyozumi/Kasutori Shochu (kome/rice)

Fuji Takasago Brewery
Fuji No Tsuyu (Kome/rice)

Iwata City
Senju Distillery: Inaizumi (rice/kome), HS-40 37 degrees and 25 degrees (kome/rice)
inaizumi.jpg senju-hs-40.jpg

Hamamatsu City
Hana No Mai Brewery (formerly known as Hisae Brewery): Yaramaika, Kasutori Shochu, Acha No Tsubome, Aratama Shochu, Aratama No Sato, Shizu, Oyaji, Amagi Mine (all kome/rice), Minami Alps Tennen Mizu Shikomi Moromi Tori Honkaku Shochu (kome/rice), Minami Alps Tennen Mizu Shikomi Kasutori Honkaku Shochu (kome/rice), Shizu Tetsu (private brand)
yaramaika.jpg hananomai-aratamanosato.jpg hannomai-achanokyoku.jpg hananomai-shizu.jpg haanomai-kasutori.jpg hana-amagimine.jpg hana-honkaku.jpg shizutetsu7.jpg

Tenjingura-Hamamatsu Brewery: Douman (kome/rice); Goroshichi (kome/rice); Goroshichi (kome/rice)
douman-shochu.jpg tenjigura-goronana.jpg

Izu City
Bandai Brewery: Wasabi Sake (Wasabi/Japanese green horseradish), Oni no Nenbutsu (kome/rice)
shochu2.jpg bandai-oni-no-nenbutsu.jpg

Numazu City
Takashima Distillery (Hakuin Masamune): En, Daippo (kome/rice)
hakuin-en.jpg hakuin-kome.jpg takashima-dai-ippo.jpg

Watanabe Distillery/Izuumi (have to check if they still hold their license)


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