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Thanks to Foodbuzz for the freebies!

October 21, 2008

Dear Foodbuzz staff, thanks you so much for all the freebies!
I actually got a few more than anyone else as I received four different packs of business cards for four different blogs!

The eco bag is quickly “changing colour” as most supermarkets have recently started charging for plastic bags in Japan!

As for the apron and the spatula, I might have to give them to the Missus as I am allowed in the kitchen only on week-ends when I’m on cooking duty!

Thanks again!
Cheers and all that,

A new Shochu is born!: Hamakomachi by Sugii Brewery

October 21, 2008

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Sugii Brewery in Fujieda City are always ready to answer requests for new shochu, whatever the risks and work involved.

This new shochu was announced on the Shizuoka Shinbun and other newspapers such as the Chunichi Shinbun when an Association for the Promotion of Hamakomachi Yam and its derived products visited the office of the Shizuoka Prefecture Governor to have him taste their latest creations.

As you can see on the above picture, the local farmers in the west of the Prefecture are growing the Hamakomachi Yam not only for shochu, but also for cakes and ice creams! It is especially rich in beta carotin vitamins, another reason for indulging!

Sugii Brewery/Distillery: Hamakomachi Honkaku Imo Shochu

Hamakomachi Satsuma Imo
Rice ferment
Alcohol: 25 degrees

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Transparent
Aroma: Strong, almost sweet, very distinct and pleasant.
Taste: Shortish tail. Great attack. Fruity. Distinctive taste..
Reminiscent of persimmons with a hint of sweet nuts.
Pleasant and easy to drink.

Overall: A surprisingly soft and fruity shochu.
Very easy to drink, even straight.
Could easily take the place of a whisky in spite of its lower alcohol contents!
Stays smooth all the way through.
Distilled with a sake concept, enticing you into the next sip.


October 14, 2008

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A new Schochu is born!: Imo Otoko

October 7, 2008

The Japan Blog List

Please check the new postings at:
sake, shochu and sushi


(Shizuoka Shinbun)

Sugii Brewery/Distillery in Fujieda City has just produced a new shochu from tuber called Yamato Imo, a variety of Satsuma Imo grown in Nagaizumi-Cho in the Eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture.

It will be put on sale from the 10th of October at seven liquor shops in Nagaizumi-Cho
The name is “Imo Otoko”.
The first batch of 690 bottles (720 ml) were distilled from 510 kg of tuber.
Alcohol contents are a standard 25.5 degrees.
Price: 2,200 yen a bottle.

Looking forward to tasting it!