Shizuoka Shochu Tasting 4-1 : Fujinishiki Brewery-Kaguyahime-No-Sasayaki


As I said in another posting at Shizuoka Gournet and 静岡クルメ, I was out to prove my friend Tetsuya Tomii of Tomii Restaurant that there were more good shochu in Shizuoka Prefecture than he thought!
So today I came up with two shochu distilled by Fujinishiki Brewery, Shibakawa Cho (formerly Fuji Gun), and the first one was a “mugi” (grain/barley) called Kaguyahime No Sasayaki (“Princess Kaguya’s Murmur”).
At 25 degrees of alcohol, it is of standard strength. Even so the soft fruity aroma tends to surprise a lot of people.
It reveals a discreet taste of fruit and bananas on the palate which makes it a great shochu for women in particular, although men will certainly appreciate it straight on ice!
Interestingly enough, shochu-loving foreigners living in Shizuoka tend to prefer “mugi” to other varieties, and that particular brew gained a lot of popularity among them!

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