Shizuoka Shochu Tasting 3-1: Takashima Brewery/Distillery-“En”


Here is a very unusual shochu!
“Ginjyo Spirit EN” by Takashima Brewery/Distillery (Hakuin Masamune) in Numazu City is a shochu made from the white lees (sake kasu) of sake made by the same company. With an alcohol content of 26 degrees, it would already make for a good quality spirit.
But the difference resides in that it is aged inside oak barrels used for maturing sherry in Spain!
Hence a beautiful amber colour!
As for the taste, it certainly deserves a lot of attention. It almost taste like a very dry whisky!
Pour it on as large an ice block you can find inside a large glass and sip it by a warm fire or stove! Tried it with some ice and ginger ale. makes for a great “high ball”!

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